Greetings Family,

We are in our full swing now and hopefully, everyone has adapted to their school schedule. As, a reminder, the school hours are 8:25am-4:00pm. Students arriving before 7:40 am are considered before-care and those remaining after 4:30 pm are sent to our after-care program (both programs have fees). I want to encourage you to visit our new and improved website. (Same address: There are a few new additions and information pages for you to peruse.


In school, your child is the captain of the ship when it comes to handling homework. They can sail smoothly with these tips:

  • Discuss expectations. Encourage your child to think about what they expect of themselves. Let them know what you expect when it comes to homework. Consider writing down your expectations, such as doing their best and turning assignments in when they’re due.
  • Step back. Have your child decide when to do homework, whether it’s after school or after dinner. When it’s time for them to start, be matter-of-fact. You could say, “Looks like it’s time to do homework. Let me know if you need anything.” Then, allow them to work independently. This shows them you have confidence in their abilities and encourages them to take responsibility for their own work.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Mrs. White


Check out some pictures from our August Pep Rally!  The students and teachers all had a fabulous, fun-filled time.