GPS Student Spotlight: Aiden Howard

Georgia Preparatory School is delighted to introduce our very first GPS Student Spotlight: Aiden Howard! Aiden is a fourth grade student here at GPS and has been playing football since he was five years old.

He began his football career playing for the Rockdale Bulldogs. Two years ago, Aiden joined the East Metro Steelers Elite, which is ranked as a top five football team in the state of Georgia. The East Metro Steelers are also expected to be ranked in the top ten nationally.

Coached by his dad, Zachary Howard, Aiden holds down the position of nose guard or nose tackle, a key role on the defensive line.  Actually, this position is considered to be the most physically demanding in football. Aiden’s prowess and athleticism on the football field have not only earned him the nickname “The Sack King” (a title that he lives up to each and every game) but has also led him to be ranked as one of the top 9U nose guards in the state of Georgia!

Earlier this month, Aiden and his teammates competed in the Centennial Bowl where they took home the first-place trophy. Just last week, they competed in the 2019 Youth National Championships Preseason event in Mobile, AL where Aiden and his teammates won all of their games. Please join me in congratulating Aiden on being a stellar student-athlete! Keep doing big things Aiden – both in school and on the football field. Check out the pictures below of Aiden in action!

Additional information on the East Metro Steelers Elite can be found on the organization’s Facebook page: The East Metro Steelers.