From the Founder


Thank you for your interest in Georgia Preparatory School, Inc. (or Georgia Prep as we are affectionately known). In 2011, I founded Georgia Prep in order to provide rigorous, personalized instruction to students who were having difficulty thriving in a public school environment. We started with just six students; now we have over 80! Yet even with our tremendous growth, our academic philosophy remains the same: every child can succeed if given the right instruction, support, and resources.

Georgia Preparatory School sets rigorous yet achievable academic goals for students. We employ a “back to basics” approach to teaching and learning, which places a strong emphasis on building fluency in three core academic skills – reading, writing, and mathematics. Our innovative approach considers the unique learning needs of each of our students in a culturally rich, relevant, and responsive environment.

I am so very proud of how far we’ve come since our beginning! We’re not just a school – we’re a ministry designed to nurture the God-given strengths and talents in every child. We teach our students that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, enabled by God to do great things. May God bless and keep you always.


Denise White

Who We Are

Our mission to encourage, excite, and educate students by expanding their knowledge of the world around us in an engaging, rigorous, and fun environment.

Our vision is to create conscientious citizens and successful leaders who contribute to the greater good in a global community.

Scholarship.  Leadership.  Innovation.  Service.

Small class sizes.  Individualized instruction.  Project-Based Learning. Personal Learning Plans (PLPs).